Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line process introduction

The sheep manure organic fertilizer production line is a production equipment that converts sheep manure and other livestock and poultry manure into efficient and stable organic fertilizer through a series of treatment processes. The following is a brief process of the sheep manure organic fertilizer production line:

The recovered livestock and poultry manure will be directly entered into the fermentation area. After primary fermentation, secondary aging and stacking, the odor of livestock and poultry manure is eliminated. Fermentation bacteria can be added at this stage to decompose the crude fiber so that the particle size after crushing meets the particle size requirements for granulation production.

The fermentation materials that have completed the secondary aging and stacking process are crushed and entered into the mixing and stirring system. Before mixing and stirring, according to the formula, add N, P, K and other trace elements into the mixing and stirring system and start stirring.

The mixed materials are transported into the granulation system. After the granulation passes through the dryer, it enters the cooling system. After the materials are brought to normal temperature, screening begins. Granules that meet the requirements enter the coating machine and are wrapped with film before packaging begins. Granules that do not meet the requirements are The granules are crushed by the crusher and then returned to the granulation system to continue granulation.

At present, pollution from large-scale livestock and poultry breeding has become the main source of agricultural pollution. With the implementation of the new environmental protection law, the environmental protection threshold continues to increase. In order to limit the treatment of breeding manure, many farms have begun to build their own or jointly build organic fertilizer companies with fertilizer companies. Fertilizer production line, our factory provides complete sets of organic fertilizer production equipment, pig manure and crop straw are fully fermented, and then bio-organic fertilizer is produced. Organic products do not come randomly. They rely on the help of organic fertilizers. The production of organic fertilizers is inseparable from organic fertilizer equipment. After the equipment has been used for a long time, it naturally needs maintenance. Understanding and mastering organic fertilizer equipment is a better way to use organic fertilizers. Equipment is indispensable.