Cattle Manure Fertilizer Production Line

Project Details

  • 1-20tons/h
  • 10kw
  • Cattle manure, chicken manure, poultry manure, grass ash, lignite, straw, bean cakes, etc.

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    Product introduction

    1. Cattle manure organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of equipment for processing organic fertilizer with cow manure as raw material. Cattle manure can be pumped into the equipment by a cow manure treatment machine through a slurry pump. After dehydration, the water content after treatment is about 40%. It can also be filled with crops such as straw and rice bran (containing NP\K). Then it is sprayed with biological bacteria seed agent, 1KG bacterial seed agent mixed with 20KG water. It can ferment 1 ton of raw material when it is moved into the raw material. Turn over once every 1-2 days, usually 7-10 days can be completely decomposed.

    2. In recent years, the pollution of livestock and poultry manure and urine and the residue of livestock and poultry products pose a problem to human health. Pollution from livestock and poultry farming has become the main source of pollution in rural areas of China. The huge data on livestock and poultry production can not be ignored. If not handled properly, it will cause serious pollution to the environment.

    3. For example, due to the lack of timely treatment of livestock and poultry manure, surface water, groundwater, soil, and air will be seriously polluted. What is more serious is that small-scale maintenance households simply stack beef cattle dung beside the highway for the convenience of transportation, without adopting a scientific storage method. Due to neglect of management, wind, and rain, the excrement flows everywhere. Such a situation is not conducive to the requirements of animal epidemic prevention but also will have a certain impact on people’s living environment.

    Performance characteristics

    1. Organic fertilizer production line equipment, compact process layout, scientific and rational, advanced technology, energy saving, consumption reduction, no three emissions, stable operation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and wide adaptability of raw materials.

    2. Organic compound fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, municipal sludge, and domestic garbage organic fertilizer, which are suitable for various proportions, have filled the domestic blank and occupied the leading level in China.

    3. Chicken manure is a national environmental protection practical technology promotion project, which is rich in organic matter, can provide nutrients needed for crop growth, and can fertilize and improve soil.

    4. There are many kinds of organic fertilizers, the raw materials are very wide, and the fertilizers are also changing rapidly.

    Working principle

    The organic fertilizer production process is closely related to the equipment configuration of the organic fertilizer production line. Generally, the complete equipment of an organic fertilizer production line consists of a fermentation system, drying system, deodorization, and dust removal system, grinding system, ingredient system, mixing system, granulation system, cooling and drying system, screening system, and finished product packaging system.
    Following is a detailed description of the equipment requirements of each link system in the organic fertilizer production process:

    1. The fermentation system of the organic fertilizer production process consists of a feeding conveyor, biological deodorizer, mixer, proprietary lifting dumper, and electric automatic control system.

    2. Drying system: The main equipment of the drying system includes a belt conveyor, drum dryer, cooler, induced draft fan, hot stove, etc.

    3. Deodorization and dust removal system: The deodorization and dust removal system is composed of a settling chamber, dust removal chamber, and so on. Access to Heavy Industry provides free drawings and free guidance for users to build

    4. Crushing system: The crushing system includes a new semi-wet material crusher produced by Zhengzhou Tongda Heavy Industry, an LP chain crusher or cage crusher, a belt conveyor, etc.

    5. The proportioning system of the proportioning system includes an electronic proportioning system, disc feeder, and vibrating screen, which can configure 6-8 kinds of raw materials at a time.

    6. The mixing system of mixing system consists of a horizontal mixer or a disc mixer, a vibrating screen, a movable belt conveyor, etc.

    7. The optional granulator equipment, the granulator system of the organic fertilizer production process, needs the granulator equipment. The optional granulator equipment includes a compound fertilizer roller extruder granulator, disc granulator, flat film granulator, bio-organic fertilizer spherical granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, thrower, compound fertilizer granulator, etc.

    8. The cooling and drying system of the cooling and drying system can be used in rotary dryers, drum coolers, and other equipment for drying and cooling.

    9. Screening system The screening system is mainly completed by a drum screening machine, which can set up a first-level screening machine and a second-level screening machine so that the yield of finished products is higher and the particles are better.

    10. Finished product packaging system The Finished product packaging system generally includes an electronic quantitative packaging scale, warehouse, automatic sewing machine, and so on. In this way, the fully automatic and uninterrupted production of the organic fertilizer production line can be realized.

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