Why do everyone choose Tongda Heavy Industry Organic Fertilizer Equipment?

Why do everyone choose to come to Tongda Heavy Industry to buy organic fertilizer equipment?

  1. Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in mechanical processing and production for more than 20 years. For Tongda, the mechanical technology we have mastered is very mature.
  2. Tongda covers an area of ​​136 acres, with a standardized heavy-duty industrial plant of 60,000 square meters. Tongda Heavy Industries has introduced internationally advanced large and medium-sized gold processing equipment, including 10 processing centers, 3 laser cutting machines, and more than 100 various types of equipment. . Our company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, China’s self-operated import and export enterprise, Zhengzhou Organic Fertilizer Equipment Engineering Research and Development Center. It provides a strong guarantee for the product quality and development of the enterprise.
  3. The company has a complete production line for granulating organic fertilizer with an output of 1 ton per hour. Customers can send raw materials by mail or bring their own raw materials. The company will test the machine for customers free of charge.
  4. Tongda can conduct site survey, design, plant planning and technical guidance according to customer conditions for free.
  5. Tongda can design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers.
  6. During the manufacturing of organic fertilizer equipment, the company can send technicians to plan the foundation line.
  7. Tongda has a quality inspection department, the equipment will be tested and run before it leaves the factory, and the equipment can be shipped only after it reaches the standard.
  8. After the equipment arrives at the customer site, Tongda will send professional engineers to guide the installation.
  9. Tongda equipment is guaranteed for 1 year except for wearing parts.
  10. Tongda has a professional after-sales team, after receiving the user’s fault problem, the problem can be solved in the fastest time.