Which organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is cost-effective

Among the many organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, which one is the most cost-effective? Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is divided into many different styles according to the needs of different output and raw materials. There are roulette type turning equipment and trough turning equipment suitable for large-span and high-depth fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials. There are functional and adaptable forklift dumpers, etc. However, the cost-effective turning and throwing machine equipment is a walking-type turning and throwing equipment.
The walking type turning machine is the main machine in the complete set of equipment for the production of bio-organic fertilizer. It adopts four-wheel walking equipment, which is more convenient for turning and turning. It can turn, move forward, reverse, and turn, and only one person is required to drive it. The operation process is even simpler. Just drive the equipment on the long strip of base fertilizer that has been piled up in advance, and the rotating knife shaft hanging under the frame will stir, fluff and move the base fertilizer raw materials. This operation process can be carried out in an outdoor open space or indoors or in a shed, which is very convenient.
Compared with other turning and throwing fermentation equipment, the walking type turning and throwing machine has many features:
1. The walking-type turning and throwing machine can quickly stir the required fermentation raw materials evenly, so that the fermentation speed is accelerated, and it can also effectively prevent the raw materials from producing harmful and foul-smelling gases during the fermentation process, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.
2. The overall structure of the walking type turning machine is reasonable, the rigidity of the whole machine is good, and the performance is relatively safe and reliable.
3. There is no need to build a trough before operation, which is a relatively advanced fertilizer-making mode that saves civil engineering and human resources.
4. The walking type turner has low energy consumption, high output and relatively high cost performance.
According to the above data analysis, the walking type turner is currently the most cost-effective fermentation equipment on the market, but it is not suitable for all organic fertilizer manufacturers. For example, some large-scale organic fertilizer manufacturers may need to meet their needs Customize suitable organic fertilizer fermentation equipment.