What role does the organic fertilizer dryer play in the production of organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer dryer can dry organic fertilizer and then make organic fertilizer, which is of great help to our agriculture. At the same time, the equipment can also complete the drying of cow dung, organic fertilizer, and cow dung. The excellent performance of this equipment has been increasingly recognized in the fertilizer industry.

The organic fertilizer dryer adopts a high-temperature rapid drying process, which successfully combines the advantages of a hot-air trough type rotary vane dryer and an air-flow dryer. The material is thrown, crushed, and dispersed in the machine body under the action of the high-speed rotating blades, and at the same time it is fully and effectively contacted with the high-temperature hot air, and convective heat transfer is carried out intensively, thereby realizing the mass and heat transfer process, and realizing the continuous two Grade dry.

The raw material of the organic fertilizer dryer is directly fed into the drum crushing dryer by the feeding screw, and is repeatedly picked up and scattered by the copy plate on the inner wall of the drum. Heat and mass transfer process. Due to the inclination angle of the drum and the effect of the divided air, the material moves slowly from the feed end, and is discharged by the discharge screw after drying. The tail gas is discharged into the atmosphere after being dusted by the dust collector.

Chicken manure is a precious feed and fertilizer resource. If it can be exploited and utilized, it will be beneficial to the development of the breeding and planting industry, to the organic fertilizer manufacturing industry, to energy conservation, to increase agricultural production and income, and to the development of green agriculture and environmental protection. And people’s health are of great significance. In response to this market demand, our company has developed and designed chicken manure drying equipment, which can be widely used for drying chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure and other high-humidity materials.