What organic fertilizer equipment is needed to use sheep manure to make organic fertilizer

With the improvement of the economic level, the demand for livestock has surged, and the scale of the breeding industry has become larger and larger, and the resulting livestock manure is a big problem. Fortunately, livestock manure is rich in organic matter and is a high-quality organic fertilizer raw material. Among them, the quality of sheep manure is excellent, which is very suitable for making organic fertilizer.

The advantages of organic fertilizer with sheep manure as the main material:

  1. Improve the quality of crops

Sheep manure contains organic matter 24% ~ 27%, nitrogen 0.7% ~ 0.8%, phosphorus 0.45% ~ 0.6%, potassium 0.4% ~ 0.5%, comprehensive nutrition, can greatly improve the quality of agricultural products, after application, melons and vegetables are sweet, and rice is fragrant .

  1. Effectively promote the growth of crops

After the sheep manure organic fertilizer is applied, a large number of beneficial active bacteria can multiply rapidly, effectively inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, and at the same time produce a variety of enzymes, promote the healthy growth of crops, and enhance the ability of crops to resist stress and pests.

  1. Improve soil structure

Sheep manure organic fertilizer contains soil gold – humic acid. Humic acid has a great promotion effect on the formation of soil aggregate structure, which can make the soil soft, improve soil moisture and empty conditions, and increase soil fertilizer and water retention performance. And sheep manure is a warm fertilizer, which can increase the ground temperature and promote the activity and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Equipment required for making sheep manure organic fertilizer:

The state of organic fertilizer is generally divided into powder and granular, and the equipment they require is also different:

Granular organic fertilizer production equipment: pile turner-vertical pulverizer-drum screening machine (optional here)-batching machine and horizontal mixer (used in combination, belonging to optional equipment)-disc granulator-drying Machine and cooling machine – trommel screening machine – rounding machine (optional) – coating machine (optional) – single hopper packaging machine.

Powdered organic fertilizer production equipment: turning machine (for composting process) – vertical pulverizer (pulverizing the larger pieces of organic fertilizer) – screening machine (screening out the non-conforming organic fertilizer and returning it material) – batching machine (add other nutrients required to the organic fertilizer according to a certain proportion, this equipment is an optional device) – horizontal mixer (mix different materials evenly and use with batching machine) – single hopper packaging machine (use for quantitative packaging of finished organic fertilizers).