What is the output of organic fertilizer semi-wet material crusher

When crushing organic fertilizer raw materials, we often encounter situations where the moisture content of the material is relatively high. At this time, crusher equipment is needed to crush the materials, such as the organic fertilizer semi-wet material crusher, which is aimed at materials with a certain humidity. Designed to crush demand. This kind of equipment has high efficiency, large output and good crushing effect. The crushed materials can reach a relatively fine particle size.
Because most of the raw materials used in the production of organic fertilizer are livestock and poultry manure from farms, which itself has a high moisture content, after fermentation, the material becomes a semi-finished product mixed with lumps and powders of varying sizes. Although it is stirred and broken by the organic fertilizer fermentation compost turner during the fermentation process, the accumulation of materials will still cause the materials to agglomerate due to moisture, which is not conducive to subsequent processing.
Organic Fertilizer Semi-Wet Material Crusher For bulk semi-finished products, the organic fertilizer semi-moist material crusher has a good effect. The interior of the pulverizer uses a pulverizer hammer made of wear-resistant material. When the material enters the crushing cavity from the pulverizer inlet, the high-speed rotating hammer will break the material. The material is between the hammer and the inner wall and other materials. The materials collide with each other and become powdery. During this process, the material will adhere to the inner wall due to moisture, but as the hammer rotates, the material will be continuously scraped off, so it will not cause much resistance to the operation of the equipment. .
Organic Fertilizer Crusher Organic fertilizer semi-wet material crusher is designed in various models, targeting users with different output requirements. Among them, the commonly used ones are 40 type, 60 type and 80 type, etc. When crushing fermented livestock and poultry manure, the corresponding output can reach about 1 ton, 3 tons and 5 tons respectively. The crushed materials no longer have large pieces. At this time, a drum screening machine is used to screen out the powder, which is the finished product. The remaining waste materials can be crushed again. If there are many impurities, they can be treated as waste.