What is the function of the dryer in the organic fertilizer equipment?

The drum dryer in the organic fertilizer equipment is mainly used to dry the fermented organic fertilizer raw materials in order to reduce the water content and make it easier to store and transport. The main function of the dryer is to evaporate the water in the organic fertilizer raw materials to make it reach a suitable water content for subsequent processing and storage. Excessive water content will lead to poor decomposing effect of organic fertilizer, shorten storage time, and increase transportation and storage costs. Therefore, reducing the moisture content of organic fertilizer raw materials to an appropriate range through a dryer can improve the quality and effect of organic fertilizers. The dryers of organic fertilizer equipment usually include drum dryers, rotary dryers, heat pump dryers, etc. Different types of dryers are suitable for different organic fertilizer raw materials and production processes, and can be customized according to specific conditions. situation to choose.
Next, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the tumble dryer equipment:
One: The drum dryer is a kind of drying equipment. The mechanical automation of the dryer equipment is high, the mechanical performance is also high, the production capacity is relatively large, and it can run continuously.
Two: The structure of the drum dryer is excellent and simple. The material can maintain the normal operation of the resistance through the resistance of the cylinder, and the operation is relatively simple.
Three: The use range of the drum dryer is relatively wide, and the uniformity of product drying is also relatively good.
Four: It can also achieve the purpose of sterilization and deodorization while drying during use.