What is organic fertilizer equipment?

The organic fertilizer equipment is recycled and reused through livestock manure, which effectively controls the environmental protection ecology and makes a strong contribution to the ecological environment. The purification of environmental protection requires the reuse of resources. Organic fertilizer equipment is divided into fermentation equipment, production lines, fermentation workshops, etc., which correspond to different groups for different customers and provide good help for animal husbandry farmers. It effectively solves the problem that farmers pollute the environment and cause ecological damage because the manure of the farm has not been disposed of locally.
How should individual farmers choose organic fertilizer equipment?
For the selection of organic fertilizer equipment by individual farmers, we must first start with the scale of breeding, and then screen the amount of livestock manure. At present, most organic fertilizer equipment suppliers can meet the needs of customized fermentation equipment, then This is a very good choice for individual farmers without strong financial support and personnel support in the early stage, customizing a small set of organic fertilizer equipment is a very good choice, which not only reduces expenses, but also contributes to my country’s environmental protection, and is aimed at livestock. After organic fermentation, the manure can be produced into organic fertilizer, which can be recycled and reused, making it an organic fertilizer production line, which is environmentally friendly and profitable.
What is an organic fertilizer production line?
As mentioned above, small-scale organic fertilizer equipment is aimed at individual farmers, which can effectively solve the problem of personal funds. So what is an organic fertilizer production line? It is aimed at some large-scale farmers, and the daily output of livestock manure can reach dozens of tons. A complete organic fertilizer production line is needed, which can continuously produce organic fertilizers and sell organic fertilizers, which is equivalent to a complete organic fertilizer production plant. Combined with the existing farms to form an industrial chain, from research and development to production and sales, one-stop solution to the wastes of the farms, so as to achieve recycling, a large production line can produce about 60 tons of organic fertilizer a day, then the daily consumption of The manure can reach about 200 tons, which can effectively solve the problem of odor and accumulation of waste in the farm.