What equipment is needed to build an organic fertilizer plant You can see it clearly here!

Organic fertilizer production equipment refers to the production line equipment that uses organic waste materials to produce organic fertilizer. The whole process can be divided into: raw material collection, raw material ratio, raw material moisture control, raw material fermentation, raw material crushing, raw material drying and granulation, and packaging into bags.
Conventional organic fertilizer production line equipment has the following equipment:
Solid-liquid separator: Separate excess water in raw materials.
Fermentation Tipper: Turn over and throw the raw materials during the fermentation process to control the uniformity of the fermentation and the temperature of the raw materials during the fermentation process.
Semi-wet material pulverizer: finely pulverize the fermentation raw materials to meet the granulation requirements.
Horizontal mixer: Under the conditions required by the formula, the auxiliary materials and raw materials are fully stirred and melted to make the nutrition more uniform.
Organic fertilizer granulator: Use the granulator equipment to make the mixed raw materials into predetermined granular organic fertilizer.
Dryer: Dry the excess water in the granular organic fertilizer, the water content is below 15%, which is convenient for storage and improves the strength.
Cooler: The temperature of dry granular organic fertilizer is very high, and the granules will change at any time, so the granules can be quickly cooled and shaped, and then go to the next step.
Screening machine: Use a screening machine to screen out some unqualified particles, rework, and then retain the qualified particles in the next process.
Coating machine: Coat a layer of coating agent evenly on the surface of the particles to increase the strength of the particles, increase the brightness and fullness, and be more conducive to storage.
Packing machine: Use an automatic quantitative packing machine to pack the granules into bags.
The organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production equipment is suitable for the nutrient supply of various crops and cash crops, such as trees, medicinal materials, tea and so on. The agricultural and sideline products produced by using organic fertilizers are organic vegetables and fruits, which are very beneficial to people’s health.