What equipment is needed for the organic fertilizer production line and what is the working principle?

The equipment required for the organic fertilizer production line includes a fermentation dumper, an organic fertilizer pulverizer, mixer, granulator, rotary dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, an automatic packaging machine, a belt conveyor, a film coating machine, etc.

There are a wide range of raw materials for making organic fertilizers, such as various animal manure, urban sludge, animal and plant residues, etc. These raw materials are rich in organic matter, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which provide nutrients for plants.

What equipment is needed for the organic fertilizer production line and what is the working principle?

The working principle of the organic fertilizer production line:

The processing of organic fertilizer is mainly to collect raw materials, and then proportion the raw materials according to the required formula, adjust the raw material moisture, carbon and nitrogen ratio, and start fermentation.

Fermentation Tumbler: assists in the turning and throwing of the raw materials during the fermentation process, providing sufficient oxygen for the raw materials, controlling the temperature, and making the raw materials more uniform and full fermentation.

Crusher: The size of the fermented materials is not uniform, and the semi-wet material crusher can be used for fine crushing.

Granulator: The crushed material is made into organic fertilizer granules of uniform size through the organic fertilizer granulator.

Drying and cooling machine: The organic fertilizer made into granules still contains about 30% of water. In order to increase its strength, the granules need to be dried and cooled. It is also more conducive to later preservation and transportation.

Drum screening machine: After granulation, there will be a small amount of unqualified particles, some are too large, some are too small, use a sieving machine to filter them out, too large to return to the pulverizer, and too small to return to the granulator again Granulation, qualified granules will flow into the automatic packaging machine.

Packing machine: After the finished organic fertilizer granules are packed by the automatic packing machine, the whole process is completed.

It should be noted that the above configuration is a conventional organic fertilizer production line configuration. In the actual production process, due to different formulas and production processes, there will be slight adjustments. Therefore, if you want to know what equipment is needed for your own organic fertilizer production line, You are welcome to call and communicate with me in detail. We will combine the production experience of many customers to recommend suitable equipment for you.