What are the measures to prevent aging and deformation of organic fertilizer equipment?

What are the protective measures for the aging and deformation of organic fertilizer equipment? Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer Tongda Heavy Industry summarizes it as follows, hoping to help everyone.
Anti-aging: Rubber or plastic products are prone to aging and deterioration due to the action of oxygen in the air and ultraviolet rays in the sun, making the rubber parts less elastic and easy to break. For the storage of rubber parts, it is best to apply hot paraffin oil on the rubber surface, place it on a shelf indoors, cover it with paper, and keep it ventilated, dry and out of direct sunlight.
Anti-deformation: springs, transmission belts, long cutter bars, tires and other parts will produce plastic deformation due to long-term stress or improper placement. For this reason, appropriate support should be provided under the frame so that the tires do not bear the load; all mechanical compression or The spring that is pulled must be relaxed; the transmission belt must be removed and stored properly indoors; some disassembled easily deformable parts such as long knife bars must be placed flat or hung vertically; in addition, disassembled parts such as tires, seed pipes, etc. must be stored with caution Extrusion deformation.