What are the advantages of the pig manure turning machine?

The pig manure turning machine manufacturer will interpret the advantages of the pig manure turning machine for you. The pig manure turning machine is composed of transmission devices, lifting devices, walking devices, turning devices, transfer vehicles and other main components. It has a fast turning speed and agitation. The uniformity and other effects can make the material fully contact with the air to achieve the fermentation effect, which is suitable for underground tank fermentation. The machine has a scientific design structure, high degree of automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient use, and low cost.

The pig manure turning machine is characterized by saving a lot of manpower and material resources, making the scale of fertilizer production more flexible, especially suitable for converting agricultural waste, stored manure and domestic organic waste into high-quality bio-organic fertilizer.

Advantages of the pig manure turning machine: The machine is equipped with a high-pressure forced oxygen supply system, which can use the oxygen at the bottom of the tank to evenly supply oxygen to the material, which is convenient for fermentation. The side of the fermentation tank is equipped with fixed copper sliding contact cables to ensure safety, reliability and durability. The advantages of the pig manure turning machine are thorough turning, long moving distance, short fermentation cycle and strong production capacity. The fermentation cycle is about 1 week, the turning distance can reach about 10 meters, and the annual production capacity can reach 10,000 to 10,000 tons. The machine is widely used in the processing of various livestock and poultry manure, straw, mushroom planting and culture materials, and domestic garbage. The pig manure turning machine has become a tool for forklifts to turn over materials, replacing labor, and is a mainstream product in the development trend of the composting industry.

The characteristics of the pig manure turning machine equipment are introduced: the four-wheel walking design is adopted, and the rotating knife shaft hung under the frame implements the turning, fluffing and shifting of the raw materials of the pile. It can go backward, forward, and turn, and it can be driven by one person. It can be in an open field or

Carry out the work in the workshop. The pig manure turning machine is more suitable for microbial fermentation. The process requirements and action mechanism of fresh chicken manure into fertilizer can effectively mix viscous chicken manure with straw powder and microbial preparations.

The pig manure turning machine also effectively prevents the generation of odorous and harmful gases such as amine gas, hydrogen sulfide, indole, etc. during the manure fermentation process. It can not only produce good bio-organic fertilizer, but also meet environmental protection requirements. During driving, the whole vehicle rides on the pre-stacked long strip of fertilizer base. The rotating knife shaft hung under the frame performs fluffing, mixing, and shifting of the fertilizer base raw materials. After the vehicle passes, it becomes a new strip. Stack pile. A major technological breakthrough of the pig manure turning machine is the integration of the crushing function of the material in the later stage of fermentation.

The scope of use of the pig manure turning machine: This equipment is widely used in organic fertilizer production of livestock feed, brewing, sugar making, paper making, municipal sludge treatment and other treatment and disposal of organic waste. The structure is also simple, and the operation is convenient. Part of the beneficial microorganisms are used to promote the composting of organic waste such as animal manure, and the organic waste can be quickly deodorized in a short time.