What are the advantages of the organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine?

The organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine is currently the most widely used type of fermentation turning and turning equipment. It includes walking fermentation tanks, walking tracks, power supply equipment, turning parts and turning tank devices, also called transfer vehicles. Mainly used in the case of multi-slot use.

The organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine is a special equipment used to treat solid organic wastes and realize aerobic high-temperature composting. It is the host of a composting fermentation plant. Through the use of organic fertilizer composting equipment, continuous production can be realized, so that the compost raw materials are fully oxygenated, fermented uniformly, and part of the water is removed, so as to achieve the purpose of harmlessness and resource utilization.

The roulette-type stacking mechanism adopted by the fermentation stacker has a unique method of opposition and has independent intellectual property rights. Each time the pile is turned, it can be ensured that every part of the material is fully in contact with the air, supplementing oxygen, and expelling moisture. The mechanism has small contact parts with materials, convenient maintenance, reliable working process and long service life.

The whole organic fertilizer fermentation stacker adopts a large-span bridge structure, and has two series of longitudinal bridge type and cross bridge type, that is, the direction of material movement can be selected perpendicular to the track or parallel to the track. The longitudinal bridge structure makes the material moving direction perpendicular to the track, and the equipment span meets the requirements of the fermentation cycle. The length of the track in the fermentation zone can be selected within a certain range according to the processing volume requirements. The increase in the track length in the fermentation zone can increase the output of the finished product. Increase exponentially. The organic fertilizer fermentation turner equipment adopts orbital operation mode, so that the production process has good reliability and minimizes energy consumption.

Compared with the walking-type turning and throwing machine and fermentation method, the organic fertilizer fermentation stacker has high output and low energy consumption. It has many advantages such as low water content, stable operation of equipment, and extremely fast failure rate. So it is a common equipment for general organic fertilizer fermentation.