Tongda Heavy Industry after-sales service more care, more protection for you!

After-sales service is an important guarantee for an enterprise to gain a firm foothold in the market. Only high-quality after-sales service can gain the trust of consumers. Tongda is a domestic manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment. It pays great attention to the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service of its products, and has established a user-centric value concept and a customer-centric service concept.

Our company has a group of skilled and experienced after-sales service teams, from site planning to program design, from installation and commissioning to technical training, from the entire production line to small parts, no matter where you are, As long as a phone call or an email, our company’s customer staff will give you considerate help in the shortest possible time.

Pre-sale service

1.According to the nature of the material to be processed and the geographic location of the processing site, we recommend the appropriate equipment model for you.

2.Free technical experts are sent to the production site to conduct inspections and design a reasonable processing flow and plan.

3.A detailed explanation of the recommended product structure and performance.

In-sale service

1.Before the product leaves the factory, strictly inspect the structure and component wear to ensure that there are no problems.

2.Sign a reasonable purchase contract and deliver the goods on time in accordance with the contract.

After-sales service

1.Send a professional after-sales technical team to the site to guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment to ensure normal operation.

2.Conduct on-site technical training for operators.

3.After debugging the whole set of equipment or production line, you can only return to the company after reaching your satisfaction.

4.During operation, if your equipment has any quality problems, our company promises to provide corresponding solutions within 24 hours, and rush to the scene to deal with them within 48 hours.

At present, our company’s service customers have spread to many regions at home and abroad, including customers in Australia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Myanmar and other countries. All the after-sales service personnel of Tongda Heavy Industry always adhere to the user-oriented tenet, serve each customer with heart, solve problems for you, and make you worry-free and secure in production.