The working principle of the chain plate turning machine

The working frame of the chain plate turning and polishing machine is placed on the fermentation tank and can walk back and forth along the upper track. The trolley is placed on the work frame, and the turning parts and the hydraulic system are installed on the trolley. When turning and throwing, the work frame moves forward at a certain speed from the initial end of the fermentation tank.

The car is stationary with respect to the work frame, the turning and throwing parts go deep into the trough, and the chain plate continuously rotates with the overall advancement of the equipment, so as to continuously take in the materials in the trough and transport them to the rear for re-stacking. After completing a stroke along the tank, the hydraulic system picks up and throws the parts to a height that does not contact the material, the trolley moves a wide distance laterally, the work frame retreats to the initial end of the fermentation tank, and then returns the throwing parts. Go deep into the slot and start the next job.

The chain-plate hoop turning and throwing machine runs along the track of the fermentation tank, and the matching throwing machine continuously throws, scatters and generates a certain displacement of the fermentation materials during the turning and throwing process, so that the materials are moved backward in a regular and equidistant manner in the tank. 4m, thus forming a continuous aerobic fermentation process. This high-efficiency turning and throwing operation is beneficial to speed up the fermentation and maturity of the materials in the fermentation tank, reduce moisture and improve the stability of the materials after fermentation.