The turning machine makes the fermentation process of pig manure organic fertilizer simple

The stench from pig manure pollutes the air, and the breeding of mosquitoes and flies causes trouble to the environment and humans and animals. This problem can be solved by making pig manure into organic fertilizer through aerobic fermentation, and since the turning and throwing machine is available, the fermentation process of pig manure organic fertilizer has become simpler. Let’s take a look at the fermentation process of pig manure organic fertilizer to know:

1.Preparation of fermentation raw materials: Mix pig manure, auxiliary materials (rice bran, broken straw, fungus residue, etc.) and starter according to a certain proportion. This step can adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio (C/N is about 25%), moisture ( Moisture content 50%-60%).

2.Fermentation process control: The mixed raw materials are put into the fermentation tank, and there is a ventilation pipe at the bottom of the fermentation tank. During the fermentation process, forced ventilation can be used to increase the oxygen content of the material, thereby speeding up the fermentation process. During fermentation, the raw materials need to be thrown through the pig manure fermentation and throwing machine on a regular basis. This operation can achieve the following effects:

(1) The permeability of the material can be increased by turning and throwing, and the oxygen content of the material can be improved.

(2) The turning and throwing machine is equipped with turning and throwing teeth, which can further crush the material during the turning and throwing process.

(3) The pig manure turning and throwing machine can move the material backward by 4-5 meters each time it is thrown, and new materials can be placed in the vacated position, so that the fermentation work can be carried out continuously.

3.Completion of fermentation: The whole fermentation process takes 8-15 days. The temperature of the thoroughly fermented and decomposed materials begins to drop to normal temperature, and there is no odor, and the appearance is dark brown.

If you want to further process it into commercial organic fertilizer, you can add microbial functional bacteria or inorganic fertilizer according to market demand to make microbial organic fertilizer and organic/inorganic compound fertilizer, which will be sold in the market after granulation, drying, measurement and packaging. . The fermented pig manure can also be sold to organic fertilizer plants in the form of organic fertilizer raw materials.