The temperature and difference between hot and cold fermentation of livestock manure in organic fertilizer equipment

Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment

The temperature of fermented livestock and poultry manure and the difference between hot and cold are topics of concern to many friends. The following topics are divided into warm livestock and poultry manure fermentation and cold and hot topics.

Organic fertilizer equipment introduces the specific content of fermentation in detail.

Livestock and poultry manure is the best organic fertilizer when mature after full fermentation.

But organic fertilizers include cold and hot fertilizers, such as horse manure, sheep manure, cow manure, urine, and other cold fertilizers. They have different characteristics and are suitable for different soils and crops. It is also different, so what should be chosen during planting? At the roots of fruit trees, the cold division of the hot manure group will generally change the soil, using more sandy soil and more animal manure.

organic fertilizer equipment

Buying organic fertilizer is organic. Buying organic fertilizer is about organic matter. The higher the organic matter content, the better the effect. Is this the case? Today I tell you that this statement is wrong. For standard organic fertilizer, we should look at its raw materials, such as weathered coal. The organic matter content is very high, even 99%, but its application effect is very poor if this raw material is not activated.
On the contrary, organic fertilizer made from good raw materials such as bean cakes does not have a high organic matter content, but the actual application effect is very good.

The key to agricultural fertilizer fermentation is temperature. To kill the E. coli in agricultural fertilizer and achieve the total value of fermentation and maturation. It cannot reach the temperature of natural stacking, so an organic fertilizer starter must be added.
Before fermentation, the moisture content of the material is controlled at about 45%, the easy-to-mix ratio is greater than 7:3. And the starter is completely mixed and stacked naturally. When the temperature rises to 70 degrees Celsius, after turning the battery pack for the first time. Whenever the temperature reaches about 70 degrees, we turn it three to four times in a row, and the temperature no longer rises, and it goes to a mature state.

Therefore, the development of animal husbandry is closely related to the development of the planting industry. Forming an organic industrial chain. Therefore, livestock and poultry manure can be used as a resource and play a certain role in promoting the development of the planting industry.