The granulation process of the transfer granulation fertilizer production line

The granulation process of the transfer granulation fertilizer production line generally includes the following steps:

Raw material turning and fermentation treatment: Raw material includes chemical fertilizer, crop straw, livestock and poultry manure, etc. Firstly, the raw materials need to be processed. For example, chemical fertilizers need to be mixed according to different ratios, and crop straw and livestock and poultry manure need to be crushed and adjusted for humidity.

Mixing of ingredients: Mix the raw materials together according to a certain ratio, and add an appropriate amount of water during the mixing process to make the raw materials reach the particle size and shape suitable for granulation.

Raw material crushing: The mixed raw materials need to be crushed and run-in to facilitate better bonding during subsequent granulation.

Fertilizer granulation: Press the crushed and ground raw materials into the granulator, and make them into regular granules through extrusion and shaping inside the machine. The granulator strengthens the raw materials according to a certain pressure and speed, making them into granules of a certain size and shape.

Fertilizer drying: After the granulation is completed, the water in the granules needs to be evaporated, usually using a dryer and other equipment for drying. The high temperature and high-speed airflow in the dryer can completely evaporate the excess moisture in the pellets and also help the pellets to become harder.

Cooling: The dried fertilizer granules will generate high temperature and need to be cooled by cooling equipment.

Fertilizer screening: The dried particles are sent to the screening machine for screening, and particles of different sizes can be separated. The most suitable pellet shape and size is selected, and the others are sent back to the manufacturing process for further compression and drying.

Packaging: The cooled fertilizer particles need to be packaged, such as in bags.

It should be noted that the specific granulation process of the transfer granulation fertilizer production line may also vary due to different equipment and processes, but the above steps are the basic components of the general process.