The composition and structure of organic fertilizer horizontal mixer

The composition and structure of organic fertilizer horizontal mixer:

1. Frame part: All working bodies of the horizontal mixer are installed and fixed on the frame. The frame of the machine is welded with high-quality carbon steel plates and channel steel, and has passed strict product qualification certification and specific process requirements. , the purpose of this machine has been achieved;

2. Transmission connection part: The motor drives the pulley, V-belt, and reducer to make the main shaft rotate. The transmission reducer and the working part of the host machine both use nylon pins as the transmission connector phase teeth and transmission drive, which facilitates assembly and maintenance;

3. Mixing and stirring working part: transmitted from the transmission wheel to the main shaft through the pin coupling. The special spiral mixing blades welded to the main shaft rotate synchronously, turning the materials evenly in the mixing chamber, so that the materials can be fully mixed, thus greatly reducing the residual amount of materials. After a period of mixing, the material flows out from the specially designed outlet at the bottom of the machine body.

The compound fertilizer horizontal mixer has an inner and outer diameter spiral installed on the mixing shaft to drive the material in the barrel, and the mixer turns the material within the range of the barrel.