The advantages of urea grinder and precautions for use and maintenance

Urea is a medium-sized pulverizer mill horizontal cage bar, mainly for pulverized urea, an ammonium , a diamine other hard particles larger material, hardness, or other materials. The new urea mill improved, with a substantial increase in the moisture content of the applicability of the material , and some can allow moisture content of 40% or so . The urea crusher has a wide range of uses, not only for the processing of chemical fertilizers, but also for the crushing of raw materials such as blended fertilizers. In short, as long as the water content is not too high, hard materials can be crushed .

The advantages of urea grinder and precautions for use and maintenance :

Advantages of urea crusher:

The urea crusher has the advantages of simple structure, compactness, small footprint, small crushing particle size, up to tens of meshes, stable operation, high working efficiency, good airtightness, and convenient maintenance. Mainly as follows:

1.Simple structure. It is not only the transmission mechanism is simple , and only wearing parts of the rotor and the liner , the remaining parts of the long-term use can afford , had not failed, and simple . Can quickly familiar with the aircraft.

2.Easy to install. Due to the compact structure , under the same production capacity , it is lighter than other types of shredders , and requires less space for installation . It can be installed above the ground.

3.Strong crushing force . It has good crushing effect on large and medium pieces of raw materials.

4.The particle size of the broken product can be adjusted. According to the number of revolutions of the rotor , blow stick thickness , the number, a different number of layers , can be adjusted in the particle size of the product configuration within a wide range.

5.During the crushing process, the work is stable and the noise is low.

6.Compared with other pulverizer . Adaptation of stronger materials humidity.

Precautions for the use and maintenance of urea grinder :

Matters needing attention during use:

1.When in use, the equipment needs to be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation, other fixed horizontal surfaces, and fixed with bolts. The power supply must meet the requirements of the equipment before it can be connected for crushing work.

2.Before use, the operator should read the product manual, understand the structure principle of the grinder, and be familiar with the performance and operating procedures of the grinder.

3.The pulverizer has been sealed with lead before leaving the factory, and the coupling has been calibrated.

4.Carry out a no-load test run before use, and the test run is normal before production.

5.During use, if the bearing oil temperature rises, stop the machine immediately to check the cause and eliminate it.

Make the safety matters needing attention in the maintenance process:

1.Regular maintenance and safety inspections. Regularly check whether the foot bolts are secure and firm. And check whether the bolts at various parts are loose, and whether the door of the main engine is tight. If there is any looseness , please tighten it.

2.Pay attention to the verticality between the main body and the horizontal.

3.Check whether the power cord and control switch of the equipment power configuration are normal.

4.Regularly check the effect of crushed products.

5.The shaft bears the full load of the negative machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the bearing life. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must be good. Main oil filling point: (1) Rotating bearing (2) Rolling bearing (3) All gears (4) Active bearing, sliding plane.

6.Regularly check whether the wheel tyres are loose.

7.Regularly check the wear of the wearing parts. If there is any wear, replace the parts according to the instructions.

8.The release of the active device chassis plane, should in addition to dust or the like. In order to avoid serious accidents caused by the movable bearing cannot move on the chassis when the machine encounters unbreakable materials .