Testing method of organic fertilizer turning machine

Trough composting fermentation, organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine test method:

1.Start the turning equipment first, start the hoisting, and slowly put the turning and throwing drum to the bottom of the fermentation tank. According to the ground level, if the overall error of the same ground level is less than 15 mm, the blades of the turning and polishing machine can be controlled at about 30 mm above the ground. If the level of the fermentation tank cannot be reached, the leaves can only be controlled at about 50 mm from the ground. After adjusting the position of the turning machine roller off the ground, adjust the equipment to the working speed to turn the pile. Pay attention to observation during the turning process. When the blades are found to hit the ground, the roller of the turning and throwing machine must be lifted in time to avoid damage to the equipment.

2.In the process of load test, the transmission parts of the turning equipment should work smoothly, without abnormal sound, and check if there is abnormal sound.

3.The electronic control system should work stably, start and stop sensitively, and act accurately. During the above-mentioned operation, if abnormal conditions are found, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.

4.In order to avoid the equipment start-up load is too heavy and damage the motor, before the equipment shuts down, check whether there is any accumulated material in front of the turning drum, and then lift the turning drum to the top of the highest accumulation point of the material in the tank.