Technology of Organic Fertilizer Production from Straw

The main technical points of straw production bio-organic fertilizer:

(1) Straw treatment: First, the straw should be crushed to a certain degree of fineness, and then an appropriate amount of raw materials such as poultry manure or sludge must be added to it to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio and moisture of the compost material.

(2) Ingredients: Wet and infiltrate the crushed or cut straw with water, and the water content should be controlled at 50-60%. Add the RW straw decomposing agent to the straw at a ratio of 1:2000, and use the step-by-step mixing method for composting. Pure straw materials are fermented, and 1.5% urea or 10% poultry manure, human feces and urine are added to the straw.

(3) Compiling and fermentation: Compiling according to the specifications of 2-3 meters wide and 1.2-1.5 meters high. After making the pile, it is best to seal the pile with plastic cloth to prevent water evaporation, pile temperature diffusion and nutrient loss.

(4) Storage: Compost is generally used in spring and autumn, and must be stored in summer and winter. The storage method can be directly piled in a fermentation tank or in bags, requiring drying and ventilation.