Structural advantages of organic fertilizer double shaft chain crusher

The double rotor structure of the double shaft chain crusher, each rotor shaft has its own transmission motor, and the peripheral speed of the chain head is in the range of 28-78m/s.
The double-shaft chain crusher is composed of a feeding port, a body, a discharging port, a rotor (including bearings), a transmission device and a shock absorber.
In order to prevent the friction between the sticky material and the steel plate of the body, the body is lined with rubber sheets, and quick-opening access doors are provided on both sides of the body. and connected to the foundation.
1. This series of pulverizers are directly driven by pin couplings, the hammers are arranged symmetrically, and the rotors can work in reverse after being balanced and calibrated.
2. The operating door has an interlock device to ensure that the operating door cannot be opened when the machine is running.
3. The door can be opened on both sides, it is convenient to replace the screen mesh, and the maintenance cost is low.
4. The machine has a reasonable structure, is sturdy and durable; it is easy to install, easy to operate, with small vibration and high efficiency.
5. The number of motors is 2.
This equipment is mainly aimed at a fine powder section in the early stage of biomass energy pellet fuel. Stable operation and large output.
1. The shell of Tongda series pulverizer adopts welded steel plate structure, and the body is embedded and sealed to completely avoid dust spillage and the working environment is clean.
2. The electric motor and the pulverizer are directly driven by a drum coupling, with a built-in rotor, so that there is no dead angle in the pulverization, and the particle size of the finished product is more uniform.
3. The upper part of the machine is equipped with a magnetic separator to absorb the magnetic metal foreign matter in the material and reduce the damage to the machine.
4. The forging hammers are arranged symmetrically and evenly, with small vibration and no dead ends, and the crushing and friction area is wide. The wear-resistant material is added after the screen, and the wrapping angle is large. The hammers are designed independently and are equipped with special fixings for easy loading and unloading. The blade is treated with good wear resistance and long life.
5. The rotor has been checked for balance and can work in reverse.
6. The operating door has an interlock device to ensure that the operating door cannot be opened when the machine is running.
7. The pneumatic conveying is faster, the wind resistance is reduced, and the fan efficiency is fully practical. The arc side door is convenient to observe and replace the screen, and it will not produce random wind and dust flying out.
Scope of application: biomass fuel plants, power plants, feed plants, organic fertilizer plants, Chinese herbal medicine plants, breeding plants, chemical plants and other large, medium and small enterprises.