Significance of granular organic fertilizer equipment to organic fertilizer processing

As the name implies, organic fertilizer equipment is a typical existence for organic fertilizer production. It is the main product of our company’s research and production for many years. The company’s years of production experience let us master the main skills to understand the smooth production of organic fertilizer. About organic fertilizer equipment Why is the organic fertilizer made into granular form in the production?

1.You can add some inorganic ingredients to the fertilizer to improve fertilizer efficiency. If the powder is added with inorganic ingredients, it is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate.

2.It is more convenient to apply. Some organic fertilizers have a lighter specific gravity and are easily blown away by the wind when applied in the field. They are easy to apply when they are made into granules.

3.To obtain powdery materials, low moisture needs to be crushed. The major limiting factor in the production of organic fertilizer is that the moisture cannot be removed, and it needs to be dried. The pellets can be made without drying, and high heat is generated during the pelletizing process. It only needs to be cooled, which is very convenient.


The above are the benefits of making organic fertilizer into granular form. I hope to help more customers understand organic fertilizer in depth and provide support and assistance for organic fertilizer construction. The benefits of granular organic fertilizer equipment to organic fertilizer:

1.Compared with powdered organic fertilizer equipment, the process of granular organic fertilizer equipment is obviously more complicated. There are also more equipment, but relatively speaking, the cost performance is relatively high.

2.Granular organic fertilizer is easier to store, store and transport than powdered organic fertilizer. Because after being processed into pellets, the nutrient components of fertilizers are depleted slowly.

3.Granular organic fertilizer is easier to store. Most of the granular organic fertilizer processing procedures have been coated, so that the granular organic fertilizer will last longer in the storage stage. It absorbs less moisture in the air, and the quality is stored for a long time.