Seven key points of adjustment and installation of drum-type chicken manure dryer

Seven key points of adjustment and installation of drum-type chicken manure dryer

The chicken manure dryer is the main equipment for the harmless and resource recovery of chicken farms (including broiler, layer, breeder breeding sites), and it is one of the process links of the equipment for processing organic fertilizer. The chicken manure tumble dryer is the same as other industrial dryers. It is a cylinder, a few meters short and 20 to 30 meters long. Matters needing attention in the process of adjusting and installing equipment affect its efficiency and noise control.

There are seven main points for attention in the installation and adjustment of the chicken manure dryer:

1.Draw the base line: correctly make the cross line, the elevation line, and the center mark on the base target. The embedment should be convenient and accurate, and consider that the base will not be covered after installation.

2.Install the base and the tug: flatten the position of the shim, draw the center line of the base and the tug, according to the drawing requirements, find the installation position of the base and the tug, level and lay it, first grouting the foundation hole, the concrete reaches a certain strength Tighten the anchor bolts, and then install the sand dryer cylinder after the recheck is qualified.

3.Install the barrel and rolling ring: first install the rolling ring on the barrel, and the concave joints required for fixing should be arranged in a positive and negative staggered configuration, and the thickness of the shim should be adjusted to keep the contact between the rolling ring and the concave joint The corresponding gap should not be the same, and the head of the concave joint bolt and the cylinder should be spot welded.

4.Install the big gear: check the mating surface before installation. There should be no collision marks on the interface, clean the contact surface of the big gear and the cylinder, and then carefully align the two gear halves and tighten the interface bolts, then install the big gear on On the cylinder. Rotate the cylinder to check the radial runout and lateral swing of the big gear until the calibration is qualified.

5.Install the pinion gear, reducer, and motor: According to the large gear that has been installed, adjust the meshing parameters of the big and small gears and meet the requirements of the equipment. Fix the position of the pinion and reducer motor.

6.Install the gear cover: make it symmetrical with the edge of the gear.

7.After the six adjustments, a second grouting is required. The installation review and debugging work related to grouting are carried out simultaneously to ensure the installation quality of the organic fertilizer equipment and chicken manure dryer.

Strictly complying with the above seven-step adjustment items can effectively extend the service life of the chicken manure dryer, improve the efficiency of use, and reduce the failure rate of the tumble dryer. Therefore, strictly refer to the manufacturer’s assembly drawings and basic drawings, assembling and debugging requirements to standardize the construction, which is an effective measure for the adjustment and installation of the chicken manure tumble dryer. There are many other detailed requirements, which are generally required and emphasized in the parameters and instructions.