Moving Type Compost Turner

Project Details

  • 26/36kw
  • 2000*600 (mm)
  • 6-7 (m/min)
  • 2200 (r/min)
  • 600 (r/min)
  • 580 (mm)

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    Product introduction

    Production capacity: 10-20t/h
    Matching power: 36kw
    Applicable materials: Chicken dung, cow dung, sheep dung, pig dung and other animal excrement and plant and so on.

    With the design of 4 wheels to run,our self propelled compost turner can be driven and handled by one person for three moving forward,reversing and turning,which is often used before organic fertilizer crusher.As is well known,the advanced fermentation technology refers to microorganism aerobic fermentation,and our self moving compost turner is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation,providing enough space for zymogeneous bacteria to play its role.Therefore,this machine is more suitable for technological requirement of microbial fermentation materials,and it can effectively mix sticky materials,microbial preparation and straw powder evenly.In addition,this compost turner can be used to compost various organic raw materials,working well not only in wide outdoor open area,but also in workshop and greenhouse.

    Performance characteristics

    1.With proper overall structure and advanced technology,our pile-turning machine has reliable performance with large turning capacity,high productivity and strong adaptability to site,easy to control and convenient to maintain.

    2.The machine can turn over 400-500 cubic compost per hour,converted into 160-200 ton finished fertilizer,all of which only takes about fifteen minutes and needs low energy consumption,making finished fertilizer with obvious price predominance.

    3.Using this machine can make loose materials warming in 24h-48h,deodorizing within three days,becoming fertilizer in 7-10 days,faster than the spees of deep groove fermentation,and effectively preventing the generation of noxious gas and foul gas.

    4.Furthermore,this pile-turning machine also has crushing function,greatly saving the cost of time and labor and significantly improving production efficiency and product quality of organic fertilizer plant.

    Working principle

    Adopting four wheels design,the whole machine rides on the base of elongated shape fertilizer banked up in advance,and its rotary cutter shaft (hanged under the rack implements) implements the turning and mixing,bulking,moving and stacking,then shaping new bar-type stacks after compost turner machine passing.Meanwhile,the design of machine conforms to the function mechanism of aecobic fermentation,creating better aerobic environment for the materials fermenting.

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