Forklift Feeding Machine

Project Details

  • 2.2kw
  • 0.37kw
  • 4kw frequency conversion
  • 3-10 (t/h)
  • 4250*2200*2730 (mm)

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    Product introduction

    Production capacity: 1-20t/h
    Matching power: 22kw
    Applicable materials: It is widely used in agricultural, building materials, chemical, metallurgical and other work departments.

    The forklift feeder is a kind of conveying equipment for bulk materials.This equipment can not only convey fine materials with particle size less than 5mm,but also bulk materials more than 1cm.It has strong adaptability,adjustable conveying capacity and continuous uniform conveying of various materials.The equipment is equipped with anti-smashing net,vibration anti-blocking device,frequency conversion speed regulating device,can achieve uniform discharge and accurate control of discharge volume.

    Performance characteristics

    1. The slot plate adopts double arc plate to effectively prevent leakage.

    2. The traction chain adopts a structure in which load bearing and traction are separated, which improves the ability of the plate feeder to withstand impact load.

    3. The tail tensioning device is provided with a disc spring, which can reduce the impact load of the slow chain and improve the service life of the chain.

    4. The chain plate feeder consists of five parts: the head drive device, the tail wheel device, the tensioning device, the chain plate and the frame.

    5. The tail has a shock absorber for shock absorbers, and the middle has a special shock absorber roller support to improve the large block. The material is impacted by the impact of the rollers and the groove plates on both sides to improve the life of the running parts.

    Working principle

    The organic fertilizer forklift feeder is composed of a weighing system, a chain plate conveying mechanism, a silo and a frame; wherein the chain plate, the chain, the pin, the roller and the like of the conveying mechanism are wearing parts with different strengths and frequencies. The first wear and tear deformation requires the user to replace; the chain plate feeder has high rigidity and can adapt to a large piece of material with a certain granularity. The volume of the silo is large, which can effectively shorten the feeding time of the forklift, but at the same time the chain plate transmission speed is slow, bearing great ability.

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