Automatic Batching System

Project Details

  • 1.1KW*3
  • 1200*1200 (mm)
  • 0.5%
  • PLC

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    Product introduction

    Production capacity: 1-20t/h
    Matching power: 22kw
    Applicable materials: organic fertilizer, Inorganic fertilizer.

    The dynamic batching machine is suitable for the site of continuous batching,such as fertilizer batching and coking batching.These sites have higher requirements on the continuity of the batching,which generally do not allow the intermediate batching to stop,and the requirements for the proportioning of various materials are strict.The dynamic batching system is usually measured by electronic belt scale or nuclear scale,and the host has PID regulation and alarm function,which can realize the automatic control of a warehouse.

    Performance characteristics

    It is suitable for dynamic batching machines such as mixing stations, chemical plants, formula fertilizer processing plants, etc. It has the characteristics of small error, high output and simple operation.

    Working principle

    The tape/screw feeder inspects the material passing through the weighing and weighing rack to determine the material quality on the tape; the digital speed sensor at the tail continuously measures the running speed of the feeder; the pulse output of the speed sensor is proportional to the speed of the feeder; the speed signal and the weight signal are one. Take-off and feed into the feeder controller, which is processed by the German microprocessor to generate and display the cumulative/instantaneous flow. The flow rate is compared with the set flow rate, and the frequency converter is controlled by the output signal of the control instrument so as to realize .

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