BB Fertilizer Mixer

Project Details

  • 350L
  • 560L
  • 14 (r/min)
  • 10-14 (m³/h)
  • 5.5kw
  • 0.55kw

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    Product introduction

    Production capacity: 5-8t/h
    Matching power: 5.5kw
    Applicable materials: Various materials

    BB fertilizer mixer overcomes the mixtures chromatography and distributaries phenomena caused by different proportion of raw materials and particle size,thus improving the accuracy of the dosing.It also solves the influence on system caused by material properties,mechanical vibration,air pressure,voltage fluctuation cold weather etc.It has the characteristics of high precision,high speed,long life,etc,which is the ideal choice in BB fertilizer (mixed) producer.

    Performance characteristics

    1.The mixing efficiency is high and the area is small.The spiral blade adopts high – wear special alloy.

    2.Adopts reducer transmission, which is stable and has low noise.

    3.It has reasonable structure. Its feeding is from the top, and the discharging is from the bottom.

    4.The joint surfaces are tightly sealed and run smoothly.

    Working principle

    The BB fertilizer blender is input materials through the feeding lifting system, the steel bin goes up and down to feed materials, which directly discharged into the mixer, and then passed to the roller by rotation.When working, clockwise rotation mix materials, anticlockwise rotations discharge materials,the fertilizer stay in material bin for a while, then automatically drop down through the gate.This BB fertilizer machine is designed as per the requirement of the blending fertilizer plants or fertilizer distributors, and the prodution capacity can be 10–15 tons per hour.

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