Selection method of water curtain dust collector for organic fertilizer equipment

Organic fertilizer equipment is inseparable from dust collectors, and water curtain dust collectors are an important type. The water curtain dust collector can separate the dust from the air. The performance of the dust collector is expressed in terms of the amount of gas that can be handled, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust collector, and the dust removal efficiency. At the same time, the price, operation and maintenance costs, service life and difficulty of operation and management of the dust collector are also important factors to consider its performance. Water curtain dust collector is an integral part of organic fertilizer equipment.

The organic fertilizer equipment water curtain dust collector includes an inner body, an outer body is connected to the outside of the inner body, a water outlet gap is formed between the lower end of the inner body and the lower end of the outer body, and a water inlet hole is opened near the upper end of the outer body. The size of the water outlet gap can be adjusted relative to the relative position, and the thickness of the water curtain can be controlled by adding a certain pressure of water from the water inlet hole. A ring-shaped water curtain is formed inside, and the water curtain absorbs a large amount of smoke and dust, thereby achieving the purpose of dust removal.

Organic fertilizer equipment – water curtain dust collector

1.Handle the air volume. The unit is cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or standard cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h). It is one of the factors in the design of bag filter.

When designing or selecting a bag filter according to the air volume, it is generally not possible to make the filter operate when the air volume exceeds the specified air volume. Otherwise, the filter bag will be easily blocked, the service life will be shortened, the pressure loss will be greatly increased, and the dust removal efficiency will also be reduced. If the air volume is too large, it will increase equipment investment and floor space, waste resources and not save energy. Reasonable selection of processing air volume is often determined based on process conditions and experience.

2.Use temperature

Operating temperature For the water curtain dust collector, its operating temperature depends on two factors, one is the high withstand temperature of the filter material, and the other is that the gas temperature must reach above the dew point temperature.

For the water curtain type dust collector, the relationship between the operating temperature and the dust removal efficiency is not obvious, which is different from the electrostatic precipitator. For the electrostatic precipitator, the temperature change will affect the specific resistance of the dust and so on, which will affect the dust removal efficiency.

3.Inlet dust concentration. That is, the inlet dust concentration, which is determined by the process of the dust raising point, is another important factor second only to the air volume when designing or selecting a water curtain dust collector.

Expressed in g/m3 or g/Nm3. For the water curtain dust collector, the inlet dust concentration will directly affect the following factors: pressure loss and cleaning cycle. When the inlet concentration increases, the ash deposition rate on the same filter area is fast, and the pressure loss increases accordingly. As a result, the number of times of ash cleaning has to be increased. Wear of filter bags and boxes.

In the case of dust with strong abrasiveness, the amount of wear can be considered to be proportional to the dust concentration. Is pre-dusting necessary? Pre-dust collection is to add another level of dust removal equipment before the entrance of the dust collector, also known as front-stage dust removal. Ash removal capacity of the ash removal device. The ash discharge capacity of the ash discharge device should be based on the ability to discharge all the collected dust, and the dust volume is equal to the inlet dust concentration multiplied by the processing air volume.

Operation method. The bag filter is divided into two operation modes: positive pressure and negative pressure. In order to reduce the wear of the fan, it is not suitable to use the positive pressure operation mode if the inlet concentration is large.