Reasons for using a turning and throwing machine in the process of composting manure

The reasons why farms use turning machines in the process of composting manure are as follows:
1. Help oxygen enter
It is often referred to as ventilation. The method of composting fermentation is aerobic fermentation. The aerobic fermentation process requires a lot of oxygen. After a period of natural fermentation, the oxygen in the compost will gradually decrease, which will slow down the fermentation speed. With the turning and throwing machine, the oxygen in the compost can be fully ventilated during the turning and throwing process.
2. Lower the temperature
For traditional fertilizers, if you use a shovel to turn the pile over a period of time, you will find white smoke coming out. This white smoke is water vapor, and the water will take away heat during the evaporation process, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling down. In the process of manure composting, reasonable temperature control is an important technical indicator. Excessive temperature will kill the nutrients in organic raw materials. The use of a turning machine can make the backlog of compost evenly mixed inside and outside, so that a large amount of water in the compost evaporates, so as to effectively control the temperature in the compost.
3. Promote the fermentation process
Make beneficial fermentation bacteria evenly and fully contact the fermentation materials and promote the fermentation process.
4. Significantly improve work efficiency
The normal pile turning speed of 2 days can be completed by using the trough turning and polishing machine for more than two hours, and the uniformity is much better than manual operation.

The manure after a series of treatments by the turning and throwing machine can not only be completely fermented, but also can reduce the manure from the traditional composting time of 2-3 months to only 15 days, which greatly improves the manure fermentation efficiency and processing capacity , So that the original fecal waste becomes a highly efficient organic fertilizer that can be reused.