Product advantages of the new double-roll extrusion fertilizer granulator

The new double-roll extrusion granulator is fertilizer granulation equipment. It is produced by non-drying and normal temperature process, and it is formed at one time. It is suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical feed, coal, metallurgy, etc., and can produce various concentrations and types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer, etc.) of compound fertilizer . Especially single raw materials: rare earth, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, phosphate fertilizer, monoammonium, potassium sulfate, salt and other raw materials.

The product advantages of the new double-roll extrusion fertilizer granulator:

1.The double-roll extrusion granulator is produced by a non-drying process, granulated at room temperature, and formed at one time. It has the characteristics of less investment, quick results and good economic benefits.

2.Wide adaptability of raw materials. This machine can not only be used for granulation of fertilizer, feed and chemical industry, but also especially for rare earth, metallurgy, coal and biological production without drying double-roll extrusion granulation production line. Production, one-time molding, and the gap between the roller pairs can be adjusted according to the needs of different fertilizers, so as to control the size and shape of the finished granules. At the same time, this model can also adjust process parameters according to user needs, adapt to different fertilizer materials, and provide flexible production options.

3.High-quality finished product: Because the extrusion process can fully squeeze the fertilizer granules, the inside of the granules is denser and the shape is more uniform. This makes the finished granules have high strength and compression resistance, not easy to be broken and pulverized, which helps to improve the utilization rate of fertilizers.

4.Easy to operate and maintain: The new double-roll extrusion fertilizer granulator adopts an advanced automatic control system, which has the characteristics of simple operation, stability and reliability. The operator only needs to set and monitor according to the operation panel to complete the production process. At the same time, this model has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

5.Environmental protection and energy saving: Compared with the traditional granulation method, the extrusion process uses more energy and does not need to add any external binders. This reduces energy consumption and environmental pollution, and meets the requirements of modern society for environmental protection and energy saving.

To sum up, the new roller extrusion fertilizer granulator has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, high-quality finished products, easy operation and maintenance, environmental protection and energy saving, and can meet the needs of different users for fertilizer granulation.