Process flow of sheep manure processing organic fertilizer

The complete set of equipment required for the organic fertilizer production line includes: organic fertilizer turner, organic fertilizer mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, material pulverizer, cooler, dryer, drum screening machine, packaging machine, coating machine, belt conveyor etc.
Farms process manure into organic fertilizer
Process flow of sheep manure processing organic fertilizer
1. Raw material and ingredient ratio
Mix manure with crop straw, and the amount of mixing depends on the moisture content of sheep manure. According to the fermentation process, the moisture content is required to be within 45%, that is, when the material is kneaded into a ball, water can be seen, but water will not drip Come down, loosen the group and it will disperse. Then, add cornmeal and the required strains. The reason for cornmeal is to increase the sugar content to promote the rapid fermentation of strains.
2. Material stirring
Add the configured materials to the material mixing mixer for mixing, and the mixing is required to be uniform and transparent without leaving any lumps.
3. Material fermentation
Then, stack the mixed materials in a fermentation tank or fermentation tank with a width of 2-6 meters and a height of 1-1.5 meters, and repeat the tossing by turning and turning machines and turning machines every other day. Under normal circumstances, in the fermentation tank, the temperature will rise after 2 days of stacking, the odor will be lost after 2 days, the compost will become fluffy and loose after 3 days, the compost will be fragrant after 2 days, and it will become composted in 15 days. Fat.
4. Fermentation process
.In the fermentation tank for 2 days, the temperature will rise to 60℃–80℃, which will sterilize and eliminate insect pests.
.On the fourth day in the fermentation tank, the odor will be eliminated; then on the seventh day, the material in the tank will become loose, dry and covered with white mycelium.
.In the ninth day of fermentation in the tank, it will emit a fragrance, which is basically similar to the fragrance of wine koji.
. On the tenth day of fermentation in the tank, the material will be fermented and fully fermented.
.Represents the end of the fermentation stage, and the material can be removed to the next process with a forklift.
5. Granulation and drying process
The material moved by the forklift to the crushing process is crushed by the semi-wet and high-humidity material crusher, and then mixed by the mixer, and then transported to the fertilizer granulator by the conveyor for granulation. The conveyor is sent to the dryer for drying and drying, and then enters the cooler for cooling, and then the conveyor is sent to the screening machine for screening.
6. Screening and packaging
More than 95% of the particles that meet the requirements will enter the next process, and about 5% of the particles will be transported to the pulverizer to be pulverized and re-granulated again, and the particles that meet the requirements will enter the coating machine for coating. Automatic packaging machine after coating
to pack. In this way, the manure organic fertilizer is processed and packaged, and it can be put into storage and sold.
The organic fertilizer production line is mainly suitable for the harmless utilization of poultry and livestock manure, so as to achieve resource recycling and recycling.
It belongs to green organic fertilizer, its organic matter content can reach more than 50%, and it belongs to nutrient-rich organic fertilizer.
In practical application, organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers generally require a reasonable trace element table to be mixed and used according to the soil conditions in various places. In this way, special organic fertilizers for different needs of crops such as different vegetables and fruit trees will be formed.