Process flow of organic fertilizer manure treatment

Organic fertilizer and manure treatment The common problem of breeding plants is probably the problem of livestock manure treatment. One is that there is no accumulation space, and the other is that they don’t know how to deal with it. If the accumulation of livestock manure takes too long, it will breed a lot of bacteria, which is harmful to people. and poultry safety threats. As a manure treatment equipment manufacturer, Tongda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will come to talk to you about the process of manure treatment.
1. As the main decomposed material, chicken manure has a large moisture content, and the excess moisture needs to be removed and dried, but because the drying process is easy to stick, the effect of removing moisture is not very good. Therefore, you can choose to add auxiliary materials such as straw, rice husk, and dregs with low moisture content, and use an organic fertilizer grinder to crush these large auxiliary materials into a diameter of 3-5 cm, so that the pores of the compost can be increased during the composting process. The temperature is conducive to the entry of oxygen, which is very beneficial to the reproduction of decomposed fermentation bacteria.
2. During fertilizer composting, with the increase of composting time and compost temperature, the porosity of the compost will decrease continuously, the supply of oxygen will start to be insufficient, the fermentation reaction will gradually decrease, and even anaerobic reaction will produce odor. Such a composting process does not meet the requirements of environmentally friendly production. Therefore, it is necessary to use the hydraulic tank type compost turner to turn the compost during the temperature rise period, and the height of the organic fertilizer compost turner can be adjusted according to the amount of compost, which is low in cost and easy to operate.
3. After the fermentation and composting is completed, it can be crushed again and the excess sundries and bulky materials can be screened out, so that the processed pig manure fertilizer can be directly used as a base fertilizer. Chicken manure can also be granulated and processed into chicken manure organic fertilizer granular fertilizer. If the output of the chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is large or you want to realize the automatic production of organic fertilizer, you can add organic fertilizer processing equipment in the later stage: drum dryer, cooling machine, packaging scale. Pig manure needs to go through the following processes in order to process and produce organic fertilizers:
Chicken manure treatment (crushing, turning) → raw material screening (debris treatment) → chicken manure granulation, drying → packaging and sealing of pig manure organic fertilizer finished products (quantitative packaging by computer) → finished product inspection and warehousing (testing).