Process flow and fermentation method of livestock and poultry manure and pig manure organic fertilizer production line

There are many methods for the production line of livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer. Today, pig manure is used as raw material to process the organic fertilizer process and fermentation method, and I will tell you the process of the livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer production line and the steps of fermentation and decomposing. The process flow of pig manure organic fertilizer production line is as follows: ①Mixing and fermenting raw materials ②Crushing and mixing materials ③Pelleting ④Drying ⑤Screening ⑥Coating ⑦Packing and storage. Fermentation methods mainly include ingredients, composting, temperature control, water control, and composting.

Process flow and fermentation method of livestock and poultry manure and pig manure organic fertilizer production line:

The first thing to do in the production of organic fertilizer from pig manure is fermentation. The compost fermentation method is generally used in the production line of pig manure organic fertilizer.

The pre-fermentation part of the pig manure organic fertilizer production line process: it is necessary to build a fermentation tank with a width of 3 meters * 50 meters long (which can ferment more than 200 tons of raw materials). ) piled in the fermentation tank, 1 kg of decomposing agent mixed with 20

Kilograms of water, mixed in the raw material pile, 1 kg of decomposing agent can ferment 1 ton of raw materials, mixed according to the raw materials, the fermentation period is 7-10 days at about 0 ℃, and it can be completely decomposed by flipping once every 2 days.

After the organic fertilizer raw materials are fermented and decomposed, they are pulverized by a semi-wet material pulverizer, and then screened through a drum sieve. The coarse materials are screened out and then fermented, and the fine materials can be granulated. After fermentation, the materials are blended by a mixer, then passed through an organic fertilizer granulator, then dried by an organic fertilizer dryer, cooled by a cooler, and screened by a drum screener. Unqualified products are returned to the mixer, and qualified products are returned. After passing through the coating machine, the powdering machine can be coated with medium and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, and it can be passed through the silo and packaging machine.

Pig manure organic fertilizer production line, processing commercial organic fertilizer requires two steps: the pre-fermentation and treatment part and the deep-processing granulation part. Bio-organic fertilizer equipment needs trough turner, semi-wet material pulverizer, drum screener, horizontal mixer, stirring tooth granulator, rotary dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, Conveyors and other equipment.

The method and steps of using pig manure as raw material to ferment and decompose to make organic fertilizer:

1.Stockpiling of ingredients. 1.5 tons of pig manure (about 2.5 tons of fresh manure) plus 1 kg of fertilizer starter, the starter needs to be mixed with rice bran (or bran, corn flour and other substitutes) in a ratio of 1:5, and then evenly sprinkled into the pig manure pile , mix well. Add straw or mushroom residue to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio. The stacking height is 0.8-1.5 meters, the width is more than 2 meters, and the length is determined according to the site.

2.Temperature control. The starting temperature should be better than 15 ℃ (the four seasons can be operated, not affected by the season, and the northern winter should be fermented indoors or in a greenhouse as much as possible).

3.Moisture control. The moisture content of the fermentation material should be controlled at about 65%. Too high or too low is not conducive to fermentation, too little water, slow fermentation; too much water will lead to poor ventilation, slow heating, and produce odor. Method for adjusting the moisture content of materials: if the moisture content is too high, straw, sawdust, mushroom residue, dry soil powder, etc. can be added. The method of judging whether the moisture is suitable or not: hold a handful of materials tightly, see the watermark between the fingers but not dripping water, and it is appropriate to disperse after landing.

4.Temperature and ventilation control. During the fermentation process, pay attention to proper oxygen supply and turning over (the temperature should be turned over several times when the temperature rises to 75°C or above, and the temperature rise should be controlled at about 65°C. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the nutrients.

5.Fermentation is completed. Generally, the fermentation can be completed within a week, the material is dark brown, and the temperature begins to drop to room temperature, indicating that the fermentation is complete. If there are too many sawdust, sawdust and rice husks, the fermentation time should be prolonged until it is fully decomposed.

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