Precautions for installation, use and maintenance of organic fertilizer packaging machine

Tongda organic fertilizer packaging machine adopts steel frame structure and independent hanging sensor for weighing. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, energy saving and electricity saving, convenient operation and accurate weighing. The main machine adopts fast, medium and slow three-speed feeding and special feeding and stirring structure, advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sampling processing technology, anti-interference technology, and realizes automatic error compensation and correction, which is suitable for quantitative packaging of granular and powder materials.

The complete set of equipment includes belt conveyor, sewing machine, main engine, automatic control system, start-up system, speed regulating motor, imported PLC, stainless steel profiles for the material discharge port, Chinese instruments and other high-tech configurations, with high precision, high speed and long service life , Good stability, manual bagging, automatic measurement. There is a dust collector at the discharge port. The machine has advanced configuration, reasonable design, convenient operation, excellent performance, easy control, energy saving and environmental protection requirements.

Automatic control system: It has manual and automatic switching functions. When online, the automatic speed control unit improves the reliability and batching accuracy of the system, and can successfully complete the current production tasks. Programmable control system plus Chinese operation interface, integrating weighing display and batching controller; ; Button tare function; automatic tare function; with drop manual preset and automatic correction function; using software full digital adjustment function;

The use process of the machine: manual assistance in bagging, automatic weighing, bag clamping, filling, and automatic sealing or sewing through conveyor belt transmission.


1) Unpacking:

After unpacking, please keep the packing list, certificate of conformity, instruction manual and accessories in a safe place.

2) Installation precautions:

This instrument is suitable for fixed installation on control panels such as electrical cabinets. There should be no vibration source in the place where the instrument is installed, and measures should be taken to prevent sunlight, high temperature baking, freezing, moisture and rain.

3) Wiring precautions:

All ground terminals must be well grounded to ensure that all connections are accurate, firm and reliable. Do not share the power distribution box, power supply socket, power line (including ground wire), etc. with the electrical equipment that is prone to interference, so as to prevent other electrical equipment from affecting the performance of the instrument. When unavoidable, a power filter should be added to the power supply circuit of the instrument for isolation. Sensor cables should be kept as short as possible and away from power and control lines to avoid possible interference.

4) Precautions for use:

It is necessary to maintain the stability of the power supply as much as possible, and avoid undesired phenomena such as excessively high or low voltage and waveform distortion. Do not press, re-press or knock on the keyboard or display window of the instrument to avoid damage to the instrument. No matter in the case of power-on or power-off, please do not disassemble the instrument by yourself, so as not to endanger your personal safety or cause damage to the device.

5) Maintenance precautions:

Do not plug or unplug the connector on the rear panel of the instrument or replace the sensor while the power is on. Do not use hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones and other organic solvents or strong acid and alkali solutions to clean the instrument, so as not to damage the instrument case, panel and internal components. If the equipment is not in use, it should be powered on at least once every month for more than an hour to drive off the moisture inside.