Planning, Design and Site Selection of Organic Fertilizer Plant

Planning, design and site selection of organic fertilizer plant:

Organic fertilizers are bulky and inconvenient to transport, and organic fertilizer plants need to be built. If an organic fertilizer plant uses a variety of materials to process commercial organic fertilizer. Commonly used organic raw materials are chicken manure, with straws and other raw materials as auxiliary materials, and different processing techniques can also be designed according to different plans of raw materials. The location of the organic fertilizer plant is very important.

The site selection of an organic fertilizer plant mainly considers the following factors:

1.The organic fertilizer plant should not be too far away from the breeding plant. The chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, duck manure and other animal manure in the breeding plant are large in size and high in water content, which is not convenient for transportation. If it is too far away, the transportation cost of the organic fertilizer plant is too high.

2.It should not be too close to the breeding plant. Not being in the upper hand of the breeding plant will bring difficulties to the breeding plant’s epidemic prevention.

3.It needs to be far away from the living and working areas of residents. The organic fertilizer plant will produce malodorous gas in the production, and it cannot be in the living and working areas of the residents, nor in the upper limelight in the living and working areas.

Organic fertilizer plant planning and design selection process equipment:

1.Reasonable production scale and ideal site selection.

2.Pay attention to the selection of the degree of automation of the process.

3.Improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment.

4.Scientifically process the raw materials to improve the suitability of the equipment.

In the planning, design and site selection of organic fertilizer plants, it is important to deal with environmental hazards (odor, mosquitoes, etc.). The appropriate plant site and organic fertilizer processing method should be selected.