Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers teach you the treatment of feces fermentation odor

The organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer teaches you the treatment of fecal fermentation odor. The organic fertilizer production line equipment manufacturer Tongda Heavy Industry has summarized several methods.

1.Optimize and control the fermentation environment during the fermentation process of manure composting.

2.Find and analyze the causes of odor, and make changes to reduce the amount of odor emissions.

3.Collect and process the generated odor.

4.The residual part of the odor is diffused after effective dilution.

Among them, the optimal control technology of manure in the fermentation and composting process includes: material mixing ratio suitable for manure fermentation, including adjustment of carbon and nitrogen ratio; reasonable porosity to achieve material ventilation; anaerobic fermentation of materials inevitably emits a lot of odor. The composting project uses quicklime to adjust the pH of the compost to reduce odor emissions. The process control of composting is very important, but it cannot meet the requirements of direct discharge, so the treatment of odor is essential.