Organic fertilizer equipment management and maintenance system

In order to ensure the normal operation of organic fertilizer production equipment and improve the efficiency of the equipment, this system is specially formulated.

Scope of application: This system is applicable to all production equipment and related personnel in the organic fertilizer plant.


1.Before the equipment is put into production, the production department should work with the quality department to organize technical training for the use and maintenance personnel, and they can only start working after they are qualified.

2.After overhaul or modification, large and medium-sized equipment should undergo trial operation and be officially put into use after being qualified.

3.All production equipment and facilities of the company are required to be inspected and maintained regularly. The equipment that needs metrological verification shall be verified on schedule.

Specific Measure:

1.For the equipment that needs electric start, mainly check the circuit operation, whether the power supply is in good contact, whether there is any leakage, whether the components are damaged, and if there is a problem, it should be shut down for maintenance immediately.

2.Regular inspection of safety facilities, water pumps, gas, steam, etc. according to national standards.

3.All kinds of equipment must be managed throughout the entire process from commissioning to scrapping. Important equipment is subject to a dedicated person responsible system, and general equipment is subject to a custodian responsibility system, so that every equipment is managed by someone. Operators and maintenance personnel of important equipment must achieve the “four understandings” (understanding structure, principle, performance, and use), “four meetings” (understanding use, testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting), and “three Familiar with” (Who knows the operating procedures, familiar with the maintenance technical standards and index requirements, familiar with the test, maintenance and adjustment methods)

4.According to the actual operating conditions of the equipment, the equipment competent department shall prepare the annual equipment maintenance plan based on the actual operating conditions of the equipment, combined with the survey and report work, and submit it to the company competent department for approval according to the authority. Achieve “required repairs should be repaired, repairs must be repaired” to ensure that the equipment is always in good condition

5.Before the equipment is overhauled, various preparations for the overhaul of the equipment should be done in accordance with the requirements of the regulations and the on-site conditions. Achieve the “three determinations” (fixed projects, fixed time, fixed personnel), “four details” (task details, technical details, standard details, and safety measures).”five implementations” (organization implementation, plan implementation, capital implementation, equipment materials and spare parts implementation, technical data and tools implementation).

6.Equipment maintenance work shall strictly abide by maintenance regulations, adhere to maintenance technical standards, ensure maintenance quality, shorten maintenance time, and reduce maintenance costs; adhere to the principles of “prevention first, equal attention to maintenance” and “combination of maintenance and planned maintenance”. It can maintain at any time, overhaul at any time, and report any abnormality at any time to ensure that the equipment is clean, running normally, reliable in performance, and error-free real-time reporting. It is recommended to carry out technical transformation of equipment in combination with maintenance to extend the continuous operation time of equipment and improve technical and economic indicators. After the equipment is overhauled, inspection, acceptance, trial operation and overhaul quality evaluation must be carried out.

7.On the premise of ensuring the quality of equipment maintenance and safe use, repair and use the old equipment to save maintenance funds.

8.Establish an equipment reserve system, store spare parts reasonably, and do a good job of storage and maintenance.