Organic fertilizer dryer equipment-matters needing attention for tumble dryer

In the processing of granular organic fertilizer equipment, the dryer plays an important role and is inseparable from the process equipment. However, due to various reasons, clogging occurs in the operation of the organic fertilizer tumble dryer. The working environment, dust removal, physical and chemical factors, etc., affect its normal processing and production. It is also necessary to proceed from these aspects to the drying effect to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Mainly reflected in the following aspects.
Several matters needing attention of organic fertilizer tumble dryer:
1. Precautions for solving the clogging of organic fertilizer dryer equipment
If clogging occurs during the operation of the organic fertilizer equipment dryer, it will seriously affect the production efficiency of the manufacturer. Therefore, we should deal with the clogging in time. Tongda will teach you how to prevent it.
Method 1: Adopt the quick opening structure of the dryer, and adopt the card method for positioning of the dryer;
Method 2: Adopt air pressure or composite dryer, this dryer has the dual functions of flow dryer and pressure dryer;
Method 3: Choose a suitable filter. The filter is a device for filtering impurities in the liquid. The selection of the filter screen should be compatible with the inlet channel and aperture of the dryer. Usually, the mesh diameter of the filter is the dryer. 0.2 times of the inlet channel or aperture is
2. Solve the working environment and precautions during installation of the organic fertilizer tumble dryer
When installing organic fertilizer dryer equipment, we should pay attention to the following issues:
On the one hand, the best installation environment for industrial dryers is a dry, ventilated, and clean working environment, a good working environment, and a key factor that prolongs the service life of the drying equipment.
On the other hand, when installing, you should strictly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and perform the installation content step-by-step operation. Do not install according to your own feelings.
On the other hand, when there is a problem during installation, the manufacturer should be contacted as soon as possible. The bag filter is characterized by high collection efficiency. It can be said that in the gas-solid dispersion equipment, its collection efficiency far exceeds other equipment, especially when it captures particles below 20μm, the efficiency reaches more than 99%.
The dryer is equipped with a bag filter to receive the fine powder collected at the end of the cyclone dust collector to prevent the dust from being discharged into the atmosphere to cause waste of resources and environmental pollution.
3. Precautions for maintenance of organic fertilizer dryer equipment
Organic fertilizer tumble dryer equipment is easy to be corroded due to the frequent handling of corrosive materials, so we must do a good job of maintenance. Organic fertilizer equipment dryers are composed of flat plates, cylinders and welded parts. The anti-corrosion methods of dryers for different parts and different purposes are also different.
Organic fertilizer equipment dryer maintenance method: In the manufacturing of dryers, many parts are made of carbon steel. If the working time is long, it is easy to cause a lot of rust on the surface, and a lot of manual rust removal work is often required. Passivation and phosphating methods are mainly through electrical and electrochemical reactions. Through a one-time treatment, the rust-grown steel can work, and the surface shows the original color of the metal, and at the same time, a dense anti-rust film is formed on the metal surface.
After using this method, even if we put the organic fertilizer equipment dryer in a humid environment, it will not cause rust. Moreover, this method is extremely simple, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, reduce investment, and is the most widely used anti-corrosion method.
In the organic fertilizer processing and production process equipment, the tumble dryer equipment has mastered several aspects of solving the precautions, which can effectively guarantee the normal operation of the production line and ensure the daily work of the equipment.