Organic fertilizer crusher matching installation method

Organic fertilizer pulverizers are getting more and more attention, but many people are not clear about some installation knowledge of organic fertilizer pulverizers. Now let’s learn how to install the organic fertilizer grinder.

1.All equipment should be connected firmly, and the joints of pipelines should be tight to prevent gas leakage. If leakage occurs at the joints of pipelines, it will not only produce dust pollution, but also reduce production capacity and product quality.

2.The electrical control cabinet should be installed in a position that is easy to operate and easy to observe the operation of the equipment. The electrical connection lines and control lines between each equipment should be arranged and placed in the conduit according to the relevant national regulations.

3.The electrical control cabinet should be equipped with the on and off buttons of each equipment, the working indicator lights, the ammeter of the pulverizer, the speed control knobs of the feeding motor and the grading motor, and various protection devices.

4.All crusher equipment must be installed in accordance with relevant regulations.