Nine advantages of chain plate turner for organic fertilizer equipment

The chain-plate type composting machine is suitable for trough aerobic composting of organic solid wastes such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, and straw. The machine’s walking system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, good adaptability to different materials, stable operation, high stacking efficiency, and deep trough operation, which effectively shortens the fermentation cycle, improves production efficiency and product quality. The frequency conversion speed regulation walking system is adopted, which can well adapt to the changes of the work load. The walking speed can be flexibly adjusted according to the resistance of the material, making the equipment more adaptable and flexible. Optional shifting vehicles can be used to realize multi-tank equipment sharing. If the capacity of the equipment allows, the production scale can be expanded and the use value of the equipment can be expanded by only adding fermentation grains. Performance characteristics:

  1. The pallet structure with chain transmission and rolling support is adopted, with low flipping resistance, energy saving, and suitable for deep trough operations.
  2. The turning pallet is equipped with flexible tensioning and elastic damping systems to protect the transmission system and working parts for efficient operation.
  3. The pallet is equipped with removable wear-resistant curved tooth blades, which has strong crushing ability and good oxygenation effect in the stockpile.
  4. When turning and throwing, the material stays on the pallet for a long time, is scattered at a high position, is in full contact with the air, and is easy to fall off.
  5. Through the horizontal and vertical displacement, the turning and throwing operation at any position in the tank can be realized, which is flexible and flexible.
  6. The lifting of the turning and throwing parts is controlled by a hydraulic system, which is flexible, safe and fast.
  7. The machine can be remotely controlled to move forward, move horizontally, turn over and quickly retreat and other operations to improve the operating environment.
  8. It can be equipped with trough type material distributor, automatic discharging device, solar fermentation room and ventilation and aeration system.
  9. Equipped with a moving machine to change slots, it can realize multi-slot operation of a turning and polishing machine, saving investment.