Matters needing attention in the work of organic fertilizer turning machine

As an important mechanical equipment in the fermentation process of bio-organic fertilizer, the organic fertilizer turning machine needs to pay more attention to it in order to make better use and bring higher benefits.

(1) Check whether the oil circuit system and the smooth system of the stacker turner are unblocked. If they are not unblocked, immediately tell the repairer to perform repairs.

(2) Check whether the oil in the fuel tank of the stacker is full, and check whether there is any leakage in the hydraulic system.

(3) Before starting the machine, you should carefully check the situation of each part of the stacker, whether the orientation of the transmission handle and the shift handle is accurate, and the machinery should be carefully maintained smoothly as required.

(4) Before starting, the operating workers need to be present, pay attention to the investigation of the stacker, and do all the preparatory work.

(5) Before turning on the stacker, manually rotate the part where the machine can roll, check whether there is any abnormality when the machine is rolling, and tell the repairer if it is found to be repaired in time.

(6) When starting the stacker, first turn on the power switch to energize the machine, and then turn on the electric oil pump and the switches of the motors for a trial run.

(7) During the operation of the stacker, if the main shaft is vibrating and noisy, or the pressure is high and the temperature exceeds 65°C, the mechanics should immediately check the operation status and deal with it in time.

(8) Except for the personnel involved in the operation and repair of the stacker, other personnel are prohibited from operating.

(9) At the end of the work of the stacker, the fan should be turned off first, and the drum should run for 2 to 3 minutes for desliming before shutting down. After that, do the maintenance work of the stacker, clean the iron filings and dust, and then turn off the power.