Maintenance of dust collector for organic fertilizer equipment

There are three steps in the maintenance and use of the dust collector of the organic fertilizer equipment: it can be divided into three aspects: excessive dust emission, higher pressure of the dust collector than normal, and too short service life of the filter bag. The brief introduction is as follows:

Excessive dust emission:

The basic reasons for the excessive dust emission: 1. The initial layer on the surface of the filter bag is not enough; 2. The filter bag is damaged; 3. The filter bag is poorly assembled;

In the operation of the dust collector, if the discharge exceeds the standard and the operating pressure of the dust collector is too low than the design, it is most likely that the initial powder layer on the surface of the filter bag is insufficient. The cleaning cycle is too short, the pressure of the compressed air is too high, and the dust load is reduced. Studies have shown that: Too high filtration rate will increase the discharge rate of dust. Too high filtration rate will break the initial dust layer, and dust will impact the filter bag and cause excessive wear. If the number of times of cleaning the filter bag is too high at this time It is easy to cause the fabric of the filter bag to loosen, which will cause the dust collector to discharge excessively.

When setting the pulse cleaning cycle of the precipitator, to ensure that the precipitator works under a stable pressure, the pulse cleaning cycle time is set to be the longest, and the pulse cleaning time can ensure that the initial dust does not fall off. The set time The shortest cleaning is better. If the initial dust layer is insufficient, the cleaning cycle can be extended to make up. If the pressure difference control is used, the stability of the inlet and outlet pressure settings of the dust collector can be improved. If the excessive discharge of the dust collector only occurs after the filter bag is cleaned, it is only necessary to check whether the pressure of the compressed air for pulse cleaning is too high.

The reduction of dust load may be caused by the reduction of productivity, or the overhaul and adjustment of the control system of the dust collector. The solution: it can be solved by slowly starting the load with a light load or by precoating the dust.