Livestock Excrement Industry Case

Can chicken manure be used as an organic fertilizer without fermentation?

Answer: No

First: Not only chicken manure, but all kinds of livestock and poultry manure, including human manure, contain a large number of germs, eggs and parasites. Unrotten manure cannot be directly applied to crops!

Second: Most of the heat will be dissipated in the process of chicken manure rot. If without rot, the plants will burn roots and seedlings.

Third: The nitrogen fertilizer in chicken manure begins to exist in the form of protein. Plants cannot directly absorb protein. Only after fermentation that the protein is decomposed into ammonia, can it be used by plants.

Chicken manure is rich in organic matter and contains high levels of N, P, K, and trace elements. It is a good raw material for organic fertilizers. Dried chicken manure has an organic matter content of 50%, nitrogen 3.2%, phosphorus (calculated as P2O5) 3.1%, and potassium (calculated as K2O) 2.4%. It is rich in nutrients and contains a large amount of protein. It is currently the best preparation in manure. Organic fertilizer raw materials.

Chicken manure compost fermentation is mainly to use biological action combined with advanced mechanical technology to effectively treat chicken manure. The commonly used process method is aerobic fermentation. With aerobic fermentation, chicken manure compost has a fast rise temperature, a high fermentation temperature, and a short rot period. Due to its high fermentation temperature, it can effectively kill pathogens, plant seeds, etc. in chicken manure. Under the effect of effective mechanical mixing, its drying effect is also very significant.

The fermentation process is the best process for treating chicken manure by effective microorganisms, which fully exerts the function of microorganisms and mechanical mixing. The fermentation temperature is high, which can effectively kill pathogens, viruses, insect eggs and weed seeds and other harmful elements in livestock and poultry feces. The fermentation drying time is short, which can realize standardized production. Eliminate odor, convert organic pollutants into nutrients easily absorbed by plants, and meet the requirements of harmlessness.