Internal structure of fertilizer disc granulator

fertilizer disc granulator

1. Adjustment part: The most important part of the whole machine is the granulation plate. And the entire center of gravity of the granulation plate is installed on the adjustment part. Our company specializes in the welding of high-quality carbon steel plates and channel steels and has passed strict quality certification and meets the requirements of this machine.Disc fertilizer granulator.

2. Frame part: The transmission part and the rotating working part of the entire mechanism are supported by the frame. The force is relatively large, so the frame part of the machine is welded with high-quality carbon channel steel and has passed strict quality certificates and specific technical requirements to achieve the purpose of this machine.

3. Transmission part: The transmission part of the whole machine is very important. And the whole work is completed in this way. The motor and reducer on the installation and gearbox adjustment frame are free of inspection products. They have passed ISO/9001 quality system certification, and the quality is reliable.

4. Automatic material cleaning part: This part is installed above the granulation tray, and the lower frame shape is equipped with an automatic cleaning plate to remove the materials stuck to the wall during the production process, which greatly improves the cleanliness of the material. The service life of the machine, and also saves labor.

5. Partial granulation disk: The granulation disk angle of the disk granulator adopts an overall arc design, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The bottom of the granulation disk is also reinforced by multiple radiation steel plates, which are durable and stable.

fertilizer disc granulator

Applicable materials: fertilizer, urban garbage, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, fresh chicken, pig, cow dung, sludge, etc.
Application range: The disc granulator is widely used in the processing of spherical particles of biological organic fertilizer, such as coal powder, cement, clinker, fertilizer, and other materials.