Instructions for use of organic fertilizer equipment forklift dumper

Tipping machine is a very important equipment for organic fertilizer. What are the instructions for using the forklift dumping machine for organic fertilizer equipment?

First: In the process of using the forklift dumper, we must first start the pneumatic step of the engine, turn the dumper clockwise to the “ON” position, turn on the power, press the accelerator pedal, and then start it.

Second: We need to put the shifting lever in the forward or reverse gear to release the parking brake. In addition, we need to release the pedal brake and step on the accelerator slowly to start forward or reverse. Choose us The method to be operated.

Third: The speed change device is also something we should pay attention to when operating. When operating to change gears, we must properly adjust the throttle and adjust the throttle according to our speed.

Fourth: During the use of the forklift dumping machine, we must pay attention to the material to adjust the steering.

Fifth: Braking is also what we should pay attention to. It is forbidden to extinguish the antifreeze, so that the vehicle can be firmly controlled in our hands.

Sixth: To stop, we need to release the pedal of the accelerator, so that the brake pedal of the car does not work, so that the vehicle is in a stable state, and the gear is in a neutral state.