Instructions for installation, commissioning and use of trommel screening machine

Instructions for installation, commissioning and use of trommel screening machine:
Tongda heavy industry trommel screening machine can choose different models according to the user’s output and process requirements, and there is a wide range of choices.
Installation and debugging:
Installation: When the Tongda heavy industry screening machine leaves the factory, the standard components are:
①The main part of the trommel screening machine, the main engine includes the fuselage, the classification chamber, and the screening rotor structure; ②One main reducer, the input shaft is equipped with a pulley, and the output shaft is equipped with a coupling; ③One main motor, assembled There is a pulley; ④Accessories: pin, V-belt, combined screen, etc.
After purchasing the trommel screening machine of Tongda Heavy Industry, the user can build the foundation according to the specially designed “Process Flow Chart” provided by Tongda Heavy Industry Company (because the machine has a reasonable design, no vibration, and does not require a very firm concrete foundation).
Debugging: Tongda Heavy Industry trommel screening machine has been debugged before leaving the factory, and has passed strict quality and technical inspection. If the material is found to be unevenly graded during use, the combined screen should be replaced in time to ensure normal use.
usage notice:
1. The machine should be started without load, and it is strictly forbidden to open with material to avoid damage;
2. Check whether all bolts are tightened before starting the machine;
3. Check whether the oil level in the bearing seat and the reducer is in place;
4. Start the main motor and check whether the rotation direction is correct. If it rotates in the opposite direction, it should be stopped immediately for adjustment;
5. Stop the material selection before stopping, and it is strictly forbidden to stop with material.
Lubrication instructions:
1. The reducer is filled with gear oil before use, which can be used for production, and then replaced every four months;
2. Replace the dry butter in the spindle bearing seat every three months.