Installation sequence and method of organic chicken manure dryer

The installation of the organic fertilizer equipment chicken pit dryer should be carefully selected on the assembly drawing and the requirements of the basic drawing. Before the organic fertilizer equipment chicken pit dryer is installed, provide its targeted auxiliary assistance. The chicken manure pit machine is a long-body equipment, so it should be installed in this order and method:

  1. Delineate the base line: correctly determine the cross line, the elevation line, and the center mark on the base mark to be buried in convenient use, and consider the protection after the machine is installed in time.
  2. Install the bottom and the wheels: level the position of the shim, draw the outline, the center line of the tug, according to the pulling requirements, find the position and the installation of the tug, level and lay it, first grouting the foundation hole, the capacity reaches a certain level When the strength is high, tighten the anchor bolts, recheck and accelerate, and then install the sand baking machine barrel.
  3. Install the cylinder and the rolling ring: first install the rolling ring on the cylinder. The concave joint required for fixing should be arranged in a staggered configuration of positive and negative concave, and adjust the thickness of the shim to make the rolling ring and the shaped joint The contact maintains the corresponding gap, which is completely consistent, and the spot-welded concave whale is faint and cylindrical.
  4. Install the big car: check for those who need it on the docking surface before installation, then the big boy and his clean body are connected to the ground and wiped, the two halves are quickly aligned and the bolts are screwed, then the big boy is installed on the cylinder . On the tube, check the beating and side deviation of the big boy until the calibration is qualified.
  5. Install asteroids, beautiful machines, motors: According to the installed gods, adjust the specific parameters of the large and asteroids and meet the equipment requirements, fixed services, and the location of the landscape machine motors.
  6. Install Women’s Love: The title can be described by the distance from her.

After all the work is completed, a secondary grouting is carried out, and the requirements for grouting shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of civil engineering design.